Website for Rescue Shelters

Take the hassle out of managing website. Focus on helping pets. While, we work in the back to ensure sure your website is up to date, removing any technical headaches.

How Rescue Theme is helping Animal Shelters

We make running shelter website easy, modern and personal.

The traditional website can easily get outdated, you can spend hours with developers to request for new features, fixing bugs or event to add new pets. 

The Rescue platform is purpose-built for supporting shelters have a useful website, so owners can find all the necessary information they need. This allows Shelters to find a home for pets in need.

  • Fully Managed Website​

    We remove technology complication and manage your website, so you can focus on what you do best, find a home for pets.

  • No need to chase your developers

    We have dedicated team to support you with any support, all questions answered within 24 hours. No more chasing around and waiting for weeks.

  • Modern website & Fully Secure

    The website will work both on desktop and mobile. We take security as our highest priority, all your data are secured.

  • Petfinder

    You can add pets directly to the website or use our integration with petfinder, allowing you to import pets directly.

  • Pets are our priority

    We will provide you with all the tools and features to showcase pets to potential owners. Find out the details in our feature list.

Website Management solution for Shelters

Search for pets starts online, Shelters know the importance of having a website and how it can help pets find a home. Shelters are non-profit which means keep the cost low is important.

We have to build a technology that keeps your cost down, provides maximum features and provides you value for money and most importantly make it easy for Pets to be discovered.

Hands-free management solution for Shelters

A robust website with strong underling technology means you don’t need to worry about what theme to choose, what software to pick, and the overhead cost. 

Rescue Pricing

From project to platform to digital organization
Do it yourself for Developers

Are you a developer, with knowledge with wordpress? Do you know how to setup hosting, sql database and web security. If you are comfortable with SSL certification, speed optimisation this package is for you.

Billed once per month until cancelled

Done for you Basic

Get started for free, then upgrade based on your project’s needs. Ideal for a small team building a digital project or two.

Billed once per month until cancelled

Done for you Standard

Scale up a content platform to power one – or hundreds of – digital experiences. grows with your needs. from one team or buisness unit to your whole organization.

Billed once per month until cancelled


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Rescue is build for all types of Animal Shelter

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Bird Shelter

Websites for​

Dog Shelter

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Wildlife Shelter

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Cat Shelter

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Elephant Shelter

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Rabbit Shelter

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